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LINES was the theme for my personal project in March.



The theme for my project in April was “lines”. Lines are literally everywhere! It was hard to find them, the harder part was incorporating them into my everyday photographs, usually with my kids in them)

My comfort zone is seeking out natural light, and then capturing moments within that environment. For this theme I had to think a little “outside my box.” I don’t have a flash or any lighting equipment, so I had to use what was available. I used lamps, handheld lights, lights that are part of our normal “after dark” routine. and I also played with twinkle lights and glow sticks (sadly, the glow sticks were an epic fail). I also feel like I kindof cheated a little by shooting black and white, but I just knew I wouldn’t be super happy with the colors in these scenarios! And I knew there would be great contrast, which is perfect for black and white!

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Nikon F100 // Kodak Gold 200 // developed and scanned by Nelson Photo.

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