I am a graphic designer + photographer based in San Diego, California. Storytelling through beautiful visuals plays a role in both areas of my work, and I create these stories in a simple and fun way. I am a minimalist in a sense that I create with a clean aesthetic. But also in the sense that I strive to capture authenticity by simply observing. Listening to your voice and creating authentic branding, and capturing your family as you naturally connect during those sincere moments.

My love of all things artistic started at an early age. Creative play was always my favorite as a child; which developed into art class being my favorite subject in grade school; which led to the pursuit of my BFA in Graphic Design at Iowa State University. Graphic design has been my career, but I’m always diving into other creative endeavors and love learning new things. I try to take at least one class a year and have tried everything from letterpress to screen printing, to sewing. Photography is something else that I’ve always admired and dabbled in, but it wasn’t until my first child was born that I really felt a pull to have my camera with me at all times. What started as a desire to capture moments of my children evolved into a creative obsession that is now also part of my business.





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