If your brand doesn’t feel intentional and unique, I’m here to help. Your business deserves someone you can trust to take your passion, create a visual story, and help it grow. I graduated from Iowa State University with a BFA in Graphic Design, and have almost 15 years of experience as a designer. I spent a semester in Italy during my 4 years there and still to this day consider it one of the best experiences of my life (right behind marrying my sweetheart and becoming a mama times three).


The photographer

If I’ve learned anything since becoming a mama, it’s that time flies. Fast. Over the past 4 years of photographing families I have only grown more and more passionate about helping others preserve all the fleeting memories they can! Photographs tell the story of our life. And they can also help enhance the story of your brand! Photographs have always been so special to me. From an early age I remember looking through old albums so in awe of being able to time travel through the images. In my early teen years you wouldn’t catch me without my disposable in hand. And in college I carried that little digital around everywhere tucked away in it’s own little case. (I hope I didn’t just age myself!)


the random

I live in California but am an Iowa girl born and raised.

I have 4 tattoos that make me feel empowered and sentimental, but they’re all on the small side because I’m also kindof a wuss.

I love learning new things, especially hands on arts like letterpress, screen print, sewing, and am currently on the hunt for a good pottery class.

You will find me at a flea market at least once a month. I love that thrifted items have a story behind them!

I have a minor obsession with baskets. I like to look at it as just being super organized.



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