May: One Roll, One Day // Film Photography Project

I’m running a little behind on posting my One Roll, One Day film photography project from May. Since it’s almost time to post my June Roll, I figured I had better get my May roll up first!

The day I documented in May was a pretty ordinary one. We spent the day at home, like most days the past few months. We did some school work, tended to our garden, took naps, and rode scooters. It’s like we’re in a real life version of Groundhog Day. We did mix up the mundane and paint our toenails. Let’s be honest, this mama could use a full on pedicure, but with nail salons still closed this just had to do for now! It’s becoming challenging to find inspiration in the daily, since we’re home SO much and everything we do feels redundant. But I tried to keep it interesting by getting creative with some shots. Tricks I like to pull out of my back pocket when I’m feeling in a rut are shooting double exposures, using my lensbaby, playing with motion blur, and shooting intentionally out of focus.

Also, did you count how many times Celia changed her clothes throughout the day. This is why I am always behind on laundry. Who’s with me?

A few of my film photography friends, Stephanie, Amy and Charlene, posted their One Roll, One Day film photography project for May on time! If you enjoy beautiful photography work, go show them some love! Stay tuned for my June roll coming next week!

If you haven’t been keeping up with my project and you’d like to see my rolls from the previous few months, here they are! January | February | March | April 

Camera + film info:

Nikon F100 // Kodak Gold 200 // developed and scanned by Nelson Photo.



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