March: One Roll, One Day // San Diego Photographer


At the beginning of this month I wasn’t sure what I was going to document for my One Roll, One Day project. The day I decided to capture doesn’t appear to be anything crazy or out of the ordinary, but there’s a bigger story behind it than I expected for this month.

With all that is going on in the world, we’ve had to shift mindsets, schedules and routines. My kids are young and really have no idea what’s going on. At first I didn’t think it would be too difficult for me to adapt to temporarily either. But as we just wrapped up our second week of shelter in place, and schools are preparing to close for the remainder of the year, reality is setting in. This isn’t going to be just a little bump in the road, but rather a new normal for awhile. It’s a little bit daunting, but I’m trying to just stay positive and keep things pretty simple.

The kids, and myself, do well with routine. So, we’ve set up a loose schedule to keep the day moving and prevent boredom, but also without too much pressure on anyone. It’s a delicate balance between the two!

We’ve been starting our mornings slow. This has actually been nice compared to the rush of getting out the door for school drop off on time! Then we usually do some “learning time”, followed by some fresh air and/or exercise time, depending on the weather. Then “creative time” before lunch. After lunch is quiet time. We all need it. Celia doesn’t usually nap, but on this day she did and it was glorious! Then we do a little more learning time, followed by free time for the rest of the afternoon. On this day we baked zucchini bread, which was a big hit! I used to bake all the time before I had kids. But since then it’s just one of those things that has gotten pushed to the back burner behind all the other to-dos. So, it’s nice to have the time for that again!

The next two weeks are what was supposed to be our spring break, so we’re going to do just that. We’re going to do less school and more break. And it’s finally supposed to warm up here this week, so we will likely bust out the kiddie pool and sprinklers for some backyard fun! I may also tackle some outdoor home projects! Afterwards, we will pick back up where we left off with our loose “homeschooling” routine (which my kids have actually been digging)!

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Camera + film info:

Nikon F100 // Kodak Gold 200 // developed and scanned by The FindLab



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  1. So many sweet moments! My kids are too young to really grasp what’s going on as well, it has been interesting for sure.

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