January: One Roll, One Day // San Diego Photographer

Wow. It has been a LONG time since I posted on my blog. Every year I vow that I will do it more often, but sadly I always fail. Womp womp. I’m trying again this year, and I hope to keep up with a post at least once a month. We’ll see if I can break my two-year slacking streak! If all goes well, I plan to share some personal and client photos, and additionally some design projects too! As a San Diego photographer and designer, I want to share more of what I’ve been up to!

As many of you already know, for the past year+ I’ve mostly been shooting film for my personal work. But the last few months I’ve been slacking because this fall was a bit hectic! I have been preoccupied with the kids both being in school and on new schedules. Also, we moved into a new house, which I would not recommend doing eight months pregnant! Therefore, I have really been missing personal photography, but what better time than the new year to reboot. I wanted to set goals to work on a couple personal photography projects to get inspired again, so I’ve joined a group of fellow film photographers to participate in a blog circle! We are doing a project called “One roll, One day”, and once a month we will shoot one roll of film to document that day.

This month’s day of choice was a no-brainer, and I chose to document Malcolm’s 3rd birthday! We started the day slow, enjoyed a tower of donuts for breakfast, and just relaxed at home. After that we headed to a local brewery for lunch (we are so lucky San Diego has some amazing spots that cater to both kids AND parents!). We finished off the day at the beach, and it was the first time for new baby girl! With the arrival of Lenna, the kids both getting sick over the holiday break, cold weather and the busy holidays, it had been awhile since we had been, and it was a perfect ending to our day! (Also, I’m adding “clean windows” to our to-do list for this weekend…don’t judge.)

I hope you will follow along with this San Diego photographer (me), but don’t forget to check out the other great film projects from my friends in other areas, too! To follow the blog circle, click here to see the next post from my fellow film-shooting friend Rachael!


Camera + film info:

Nikon F100 // Portra 400 // developed and scanned by Nelson Photo



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