August: One Roll, One Day // Photography Project

We got a change of scenery for my One Roll, One Day photography project this month! The kids had been counting down for months our annual trip home to the Midwest, and it did not disappoint! Even with everything going on in the world, we managed to find lots of fun things to keep us busy! Aside from the travel precautions, it felt like life was “normal” again for the time we were there. We just hung out with our families like we do every summer! All other worries just seem to disappear for those couple of weeks, it’s the best!

This was just one day from our trip, I actually shot six rolls during our visit! (Which is a lot for me…I tend to be very stingy with my film shots!) My parents moved about a year ago, and live near a lake now! The kids loved exploring, fishing, site-seeing, swimming, etc. We didn’t get the chance to go boating, but it’s on our to-do list for next summer!

I kinda cheated a bit this month; there was a roll of Acros unfinished in my camera from the previous day, so I had to finish that. Then loaded a roll of Portra 160 for the rest of the day. I still shot about the equivalent of one roll, so it still counts, right?

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Camera + film info:

Nikon F100 // Acros 100 + Portra 160 // developed and scanned by The Find Lab.

2 thoughts on “August: One Roll, One Day // Photography Project

  1. Wow! The Acros is stunning and I love the mood you captured throughout the color and black and white shots. What a beautiful trip (and post!) The fish photo totally made me laugh.

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